Welcome at Ça va Chauffer, your supplier of firewood and pellets!

Ça va Chauffer originated from the idea: "How can we deliver your firewood or pellets on your location without all problems that existed in the past?".

Therefore, on every delivery we make, we ensure a spot on placement of your goods with our tow truck and our electrical pallet truck. This all at a very competitive price.

To avoid misunderstandings, you can come and choose your product at our offices.

Winner pallet of oakwood - Mr. Theuwen

The weight of our pallet of oak was 986kg!

Last weekend, you could guess our pallet of oakwood on the flea market of Wervik. The price: the content of the pallet with oakwood! A lot of persons tried guessing the weight, and we can tell you there wasn't much difference between mr. Theuwen and the second. Mr. Theuwen was closest to win the 986kg oakwoad pallet! Congratulations, mr. Theuwen!